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over-exaggerated Shapes

shapes2 Area Pre-Fall 2016tumblr_o3o824GR1F1qc8yajo1_1280 Stella McCArthy bff39468875c7f3db0c79665ec6e7123              Pinterest



Area Pre-Fall 2016

Area Pre-Fall 2016




The Bella Collection

We are so happy to finally showcase our new collection online.

It includes minimalistic bohemian inspired pieces in bronze, beautiful mini pendants, stacked rings and bracelets, among others. Every piece was carefully handcrafted from a sketch to the metal.

Hope you all enjoy our new collection!



Flea Market Girl


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Hidden in the studio


For days, if not weeks. I feel like we have been hiding from the world.  Lately my days only entailed of running errands or going for a run, since I was training for LAM. And of course of spending long hours and days at a time in the studio creating, drawing, melting wax for the right sample.

Last week was our time to showcase the precious pieces from the new line  to the buyers at the pool trade show. We were very grateful to see that this new line was well received by many stores.

Finally, we are back in the studio  ready to continue the production of these special pieces.


Pictures of the studio and moments in between 🙂 DSC_3756










Can’t wait to showcase the new pieces to the world at the online shop and stores.




Flea Market Girl

Jewelry making adventures

Sorry we have been so M.I.A for these couple of weeks.

We just came back from Arizona,Where we got more training to now completely make all jewels, from melting the metal to the final product at our own studio.

So we have been very busy setting up the studio, adding more machines and getting to the point were we can complete the new collection for Spring, which will be showcasing at the Pool trade show this upcoming February.

Here are some pictures from the trip and jewelry making in progress. 

IMG_1862Beautiful sunsets on our way to Tucson.
IMG_1886Getting tips on wax modeling.
IMG_1918Melting silver 🔥IMG_1901Fixing one of our first wax samples for the upcoming collection. Wearing triangle hand piece form Desert nights Collection.IMG_1920

Happy Friday!

Flea Market Girl

>>Desert Nights Collection<<











We’re excited to be releasing  Desert Nights Collection online…

We’ll frequently use raw metals like bronze and brass, but for this new jewelry we are adding more silver and golden tones, mixing a bohemian- feminine edge style with beads, small stones and crystals,  with a 70’s rock fashion with lots of more alternative silver pieces that can be layered with fun scarves and long jackets.

We can’t wait to see how you style this jewelry collection. When you take a lovely picture with our jewelry, make sure to hashtag  #fleamarketgirljewelry. We’ll re-post and tag the pictures we love.



Flea Market Girl

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A Sunday walk through L.A

Last Sunday was a day of visiting flea markets. It was a fun and inspiring day. 🙂

Here are some shots of the Flea Market Girl jewels we wore for the day..
DSC_3333Wearing one of my favorites hoops from the new collection “Desert Nights” . Coming soon to the site.
DSC_3366 DSC_3325

Stacks of bracelets; top pic- braided leather black and brown tassel, coral and turquoise beaded bracelets..

bottom- Silver mixed chain , rhyolite and tiger eye beaded bracelets. Hamsa ring (New)
DSC_3352 DSC_3357 DSC_3344 Wearing the bear paw  and more genuine beaded bracelets.DSC_3348 DSC_3363