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Summer Travels

  Exploring beautiful small villages on the coffee capital of Colombia, Quindio.   Inspo room from a hotel we stayed.   Santa Marta. Wearing Flea Market Girl beaded bracelets and Bella collection rings. Best part of the day, admiring the Sunset.     Beautiful colors and gorgeous weaving of Wayuu women. Guajira, Col0mbia.   Quindio, Colombia

>>Desert Nights Collection<<

          We’re excited to be releasing  Desert Nights Collection online… We’ll frequently use raw metals like bronze and brass, but for this new jewelry we are adding more silver and golden tones, mixing a bohemian- feminine edge style with beads, small stones and crystals,  with a 70’s rock fashion with lots of more alternative silver pieces that can be layered with fun scarves and long jackets. We can’t wait to see how you style this jewelry collection. When you take a lovely picture with our jewelry, make sure to hashtag  #fleamarketgirljewelry. We’ll re-post and tag the pictures we love. Love,   Flea Market Girl Shop Jewelry: