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DIY- Almond Milk

So a while ago a friend introduce me to homemade almond milk and I loved it. I have been making it ever since. Every time I ran out and have to use the store bought the experience is not the same.. Give it a try!   Ingredients  1 cup raw almonds- I used Terrasol raw almonds 3-4 cups of water. add more if preferred cheesecloth or cotton cloth Nutribullet Blender Sweetener is optional: like dates, honey, maple syrup or vanilla.   These are the type of almonds I usually use because they come unpasteurized and are organic. Soak the almonds over night. Discard the soaking water before blending.Blend the almonds with the 3 cups of water.   Lay the cotton cloth inside a bowl. Pour the milk inside the cloth and squeeze all the liquid out of it. Store the milk in a container and make sure to shake well before drinking. Add sweetener if preferred. My favorite way of drinking is in coffee or in a smoothie. Don’t trow out the almond leftovers. Add them to my oatmeal or smoothies. …

fruity summer water!

Summer is here and I am always looking for a way to keep myself hydrated.  Here is one of the  fruity  flavored water recipes I made this week, very refreshing! I used fresh, organic pineapple, peach, cranberries, lemon and strawberries. You can also use frozen fruits for a quicker colder drink. Ingredients: 1/2 pineapple, chopped 2 Peaches 4 strawberries some cranberries to give extra flavor.  1/2 lemon, squeezed 1/2 lemon, sliced Ice water Jug   Directions: Cut up fruit if you are using fresh fruits or just add the bag of frozen fruit to your jug, then add the lemon juice, fill with water, and let sit overnight or refrigerate 2-4 hours. Pour fruity water over ice (if desired) .  You can also top with sparkling water to give more texture to fruity water. Hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did! Jewelry: Arrowhead Moon Ring and half moon tribal ring Follow my blog with Bloglovin