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Eagle, wolf, and snakes 🌟

Introducing our new collection “White wolf collection”.  Our collection styles are now in stores and you can find most of the styles online. Our inspiration for this new collection was the wolf and the snowy white of winter.  We created a short magical story with an eagle flying thru the snowflakes, the wolf roaming the white mystical woods, the two head serpent slithering thru the crystal white floors and the mysterious bear paws left on the snow. Like always it is challenging to bring these pieces from imagination to reality, so we are very happy to have completed another collection once again. Here are a couple of pictures of our art, the process and final jewels of this collection. Hope you all love them as much as we do 🙂 Love, Flea Market Girl

Hidden in the studio

  For days, if not weeks. I feel like we have been hiding from the world.  Lately my days only entailed of running errands or going for a run, since I was training for LAM. And of course of spending long hours and days at a time in the studio creating, drawing, melting wax for the right sample. Last week was our time to showcase the precious pieces from the new line  to the buyers at the pool trade show. We were very grateful to see that this new line was well received by many stores. Finally, we are back in the studio  ready to continue the production of these special pieces. Pictures of the studio and moments in between 🙂      Can’t wait to showcase the new pieces to the world at the online shop and stores.   love,   Flea Market Girl

Jewelry making adventures

Sorry we have been so M.I.A for these couple of weeks. We just came back from Arizona,Where we got more training to now completely make all jewels, from melting the metal to the final product at our own studio. So we have been very busy setting up the studio, adding more machines and getting to the point were we can complete the new collection for Spring, which will be showcasing at the Pool trade show this upcoming February. Here are some pictures from the trip and jewelry making in progress.  Beautiful sunsets on our way to Tucson. Getting tips on wax modeling. Melting silver 🔥Fixing one of our first wax samples for the upcoming collection. Wearing triangle hand piece form Desert nights Collection. Happy Friday! Flea Market Girl

collage inspo

Happy to announce that another collection will be coming soon!  Before any new jewelry collection is made, we look through books and art, gather pieces and stones, and when possible we even take a trip- a road trip. The photos taken on our road trip to Arizona and New Mexico inspired us greatly with many shapes and textures. The American painter, Georgia O’Keeffe, inspired our new sketches and theme for the jewels. Just love her southwestern landscapes paintings!  Here is a collage we put together with some of the inspirational images for the upcoming collection.