Author: fleamarketgirl

Eagle, wolf, and snakes 🌟

Introducing our new collection “White wolf collection”.  Our collection styles are now in stores and you can find most of the styles online. Our inspiration for this new collection was the wolf and the snowy white of winter.  We created a short magical story with an eagle flying thru the snowflakes, the wolf roaming the white mystical woods, the two head serpent slithering thru the crystal white floors and the mysterious bear paws left on the snow. Like always it is challenging to bring these pieces from imagination to reality, so we are very happy to have completed another collection once again. Here are a couple of pictures of our art, the process and final jewels of this collection. Hope you all love them as much as we do 🙂 Love, Flea Market Girl

Bee’s Knees. Rodante

Great mixed with a romantic style of dresses, leather, and bohemian accessories. Love how the collection were all inspired by the bees. Using  patterns of the Bee hives and bee pollen. Also, how accessories are a big part of layering and stacks of gold necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Beautiful collection. Rodarte Spring 2017

Summer Travels

  Exploring beautiful small villages on the coffee capital of Colombia, Quindio.   Inspo room from a hotel we stayed.   Santa Marta. Wearing Flea Market Girl beaded bracelets and Bella collection rings. Best part of the day, admiring the Sunset.     Beautiful colors and gorgeous weaving of Wayuu women. Guajira, Col0mbia.   Quindio, Colombia