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Jewelry making adventures

Sorry we have been so M.I.A for these couple of weeks.

We just came back from Arizona,Where we got more training to now completely make all jewels, from melting the metal to the final product at our own studio.

So we have been very busy setting up the studio, adding more machines and getting to the point were we can complete the new collection for Spring, which will be showcasing at the Pool trade show this upcoming February.

Here are some pictures from the trip and jewelry making in progress. 

IMG_1862Beautiful sunsets on our way to Tucson.
IMG_1886Getting tips on wax modeling.
IMG_1918Melting silver 🔥IMG_1901Fixing one of our first wax samples for the upcoming collection. Wearing triangle hand piece form Desert nights Collection.IMG_1920

Happy Friday!

Flea Market Girl

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This blog is a collection of Flea Market Girl Team adventures, things we love, favorite things that inspire us and behind the scenes on how our jewelry collections are made. Please enjoy!

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